Over heating? on 2002 Mazda Tribute

Juat bought at car aution.Has a thumping noise coming from the hose.Overheats.Think it is a head gasket? If someone has put any of that headgasket sealer in the system, is it still ok to have the headgaskets replaced or did the sealer mess-up the rest of the cooling system passage ways in the engine? Please respond. Thank You.

by in Williamsport, MD on August 29, 2011
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ANSWER by on August 29, 2011
sealer is a bad idea as it does cause blockages in the rad and heater core. replace the head gaskets, have the rad power flushed outside the vehicle and a flush after assembly of the rest of the susyem. Roy
COMMENT by on August 29, 2011
When the heads are takin off, will there be any sign of sealer? No sigh of a milky substaince in oil.No white smoke out the tail pipe.Is it ok to just then put head gaskets on, and will engine be Ok. THANK YOU for your response.
COMMENT by on August 29, 2011
yes, there will be signs of sealer. no, once the heads are off, send them to a shop to inspect for cracks and have them decked. why do you think it is head gaskets?? a leak down test by a shop will confirm if they are bad. that is a better idea than just jumping to conclusions. Roy
COMMENT by on August 29, 2011
I will have the heads looked at after i get them off.Thank You for response you have been helpfull and more assuring that i did not buy a mistake.
ANSWER by on August 29, 2011
have you checked the themostat yet? have you tested the coolant for hydrocarbons?
COMMENT by on August 31, 2011
Yes i replaced the thermostate with a lower temp rating.Put new coolant in and ran for 5 minutes.Temp. went up past the red mark on the gauge and was at the end of the range of the gauge.Turned of and tumping noise was back again.Rad. fans where also running,when this all happened again the vehicle would not even stay idling. Kept wanting to shut off unless I kept my foot on the gas pedal.Also had a very bad miss.Thank you again for your response.What do you think?
COMMENT by on August 31, 2011
compression check the motor
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