over heating on 1993 Chevrolet S10

what would make my truck over heat?

by in Hampton, GA on December 01, 2010
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ANSWER by on December 01, 2010
There are several things that can make your vehicle overheat. A fan that does not operate. A sticking closed thermostat. A radiator restriction. A water pump that has a broken impellar. Cylinder head gasket failure, or head cracks.
COMMENT by on December 01, 2010
my truck over heated and at same time the oil gauge read low heat stopped working and temp was on 260. it has been sputtering and kinda choking out. like it aint getting gas.
COMMENT by on December 01, 2010
The sputtering and choking is probably the engine trying to protect itself from catastrophic failure from overheating even more. Or internal damage may be occuring - hard to say. If you have no heat and overheating, think thermostat first. Hopefully it is that simple.
COMMENT by on December 01, 2010
thank you so much. now can u tell me where to locate thermostat on 93 S10 truck. Im just a dumb bo
COMMENT by on December 01, 2010
follow the large hose to the engine block near the intake - that's where it will be.
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