over heating on 1995 Toyota Corolla

my car is over heating and i constantly have to replace the the coolant/antifreeze awhile back i changed the thermostat and it was fine for a couple of weeks but it started over heating again and caused the radiator to crack i replaced it and again it was fine but after a few weeks it started to over heat again. i also noticed that all the coolant was coming out of the reservoir boiling hot in liquid form and steam i was told that it might be a blown head gasket but i checked the oil to see if i had water in the oil pan but its clean.what can be causing it and what can i do to fix it and how?

by in Atwater, CA on January 01, 2011
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ANSWER by on January 01, 2011
Is the radiator fan operating properly? Have the head gasket checked, it can leak and not see signs of oil in the coolant.
COMMENT by on January 16, 2011
the radiator fan works just fine. i also checked the fan relays and the fuses.
ANSWER by on February 08, 2011
you need to check the head and see if it is cracked get a compresion check and see a pro it sounds deep
ANSWER by on March 02, 2011
water pump, first thing after thermostat. water pump sometimes will still work so there is water circulating when the radiator cap is off and you start it and wait for the engine to heat up and the thermostat kicks in. check your water flow. also sometimes you wont have water in your oil but the head gasket will burn in between two pistons soit leaks into the exaust making water , small amount come out of tail pipe. you will have a little wiggling for sure on the engine if thats your problem. just start it and pull the plug wire off on one of the pistons at a time, if the motors the same its misins on those two cylinders. you will no for sure its not head gasket.
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