over head console read out on 1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty

My over head console that would tell you how many miles you have left with how much fuel you have has stopped working. How do you fix it?

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I have the same problem in my 1999 Ford Diesel. I took the whole console apart and found that a contact inside the crystal display is not connected anymore. There is no way to get inside of it to repair it either. The whole unit costs about $400 dollars depending on the dealer.
There was a listing on Ebay of a repair service for about half of the dealer cost. You must send in you old unit there is no exchange, repair only.
I think you have the same problem I had. Apparently the little circuits get hot and pop. I took apart and could easily see how certain ones popped off at one end. I bought 5.00 dollar sodder gun at autozone and that was it. Has lasted two years now.
Mine quit working also. Bought a solder gun...and fixed it myself. BEWARE, when you pull the console, watch for loose parts, the transistors are very small !
Just fixed mine as well. Got out the solder gun and soldered 3 little resisters that were pointing up. Took me 15 min to fix. Works great now. Glad I saw this post.
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found a web site that will sell just the display, new doors, or whole unit for a third of what anyone else wants for it. the site is called
they had to change their web name