Outside Door Handles Broken on 2008 GMC Yukon Denali

Has anyone else reported problems with the outside door handles breaking? I just paid more than $300 to have 2 passenger side door handles repaired because the screws broke!

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Its very common in the Yukon Denali, I’ve replaced there of them during the last 2 years,
Yes. Mine have pulled out of socket also and it is the passenger door (twice). Luckly still under warranty.
Yes, driver side back passenger door. After it broke and had repaired under warranty, realized my 4 year old hangs from it like a monkey before climbing in. Still, obvioulsy a problem to break so easily from a 35# kid.
I am currently having a problem with my outside backseat driver door handle on my 2008 denali. I thought it was my 7 year old and they way he was pulling on it to get in the car. The handle actually separates from the vehicle when you open the door! I called the dealership and they said that they have seen it happen quite often. I got a price quote and it is going to cost me $65 for the door handle, and of course $100 for labor b/c my warranty is over by milage! I feel that if it is happening this often then there should be a recall!
Yes. I just bought a 2008 this weekend. When we were home and taking a detailed look at the car we noticed that two doors had the broken handles where the screw pulled out. It should be a recall and I hope this is not the first of many issues.