Our Ion died 2 weeks ago. now it only runs on 2 cylinders on 2004 Saturn Ion

the car died 2 weeks ago, since then we have found a blown fuse for the ignition, change the ignition module the ciol pack and the spark plugs. Now the car starts right up but only runs on 2 cylinders. can anyone tell me what is wrong now? the owner of the car does not have the money to take it to a shop and spend huge amounts fixing the car.

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You say you replaced the coil pack? How many coil packs did you replace 1 or both? They have two packs and each runs 2 cylinders. 1 pack for 1/4 and 1 for 2/3.
the 2004 saturn with the 2.2 eco engine has the coil packs sealed and right on top of the head so you replace both at the same time.
You are talking about the coils themselves. You have an IC control for cyliders (coils) 2/3 and another IC control for (coils) 1/4 these are circuits 406 and 423. Also check the ignition control module ground to ensure clean and tight.
Thank you for trying to help. where do i find the IC's and what do they look like?
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