1996 Ford Contour Q&A

1996 Ford Contour Question: our car only drives in reverse not in D or 1&2. What do we do to fix this?

is it an expensive fix? -
Answer 1
The best(cheapest) thing to do is buy a used transmission and replace it.If someone take it a part and diagnose the problem that will cost and you end up to buy a transmission anyway. Just skip that. Save time and money. -
Comment 1
Can you tell me what you think is the problem? Could it possibly be the electric sensor? We are trying to stear away from having to purchase a tranny. It works great in reverse! lol -
Comment 2
LOL! Well your neck will hurt after a whyle.lol Take it to a professional to check wiring and soleniod. But seems to me its mechanical. -
Answer 2
front clutch pack has failed. it will have to come out anyway. Roy -