other than that my tribute is great. on 2002 Mazda Tribute

My tribute makes this cluck-cluck noise; it seems to come from the front left side of the tire. it is only heard when you drive it at a low speed (especially around town) once you go 40 or over it stops. what could it be? the bearrings have been replaced already.

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I had the same problem its a gear missing under the left front tire. I had a missing link to one of the gears. Its bu the tire and spring.
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I own a 02 madza tribute too, and I'm having the same problem. But my does it when I slow down and have a hard time pressing the brake pedal it just don't want to move. What did you do too repair/fix your car? I took it to the dealer they told me there was nothing wrong with it. I look at the brakes and there okay.I can't drive my until I fix the problem.Please let me know how or if you got your fixed? Please email me
The clunking noise is the tie rod links. Easy to fix is you can use a wrench, Parts are not to expensive and the replacements are mutch better then the stock. The gear that this other post refers to part of the antylock breaks. If this is broken you have to replace the whole axil asembly. About $75 dollars eatch side not installed.