orange engine light on dash on 1999 BMW Z3

I am traveling and don't have my owners manual with me. Today, the orange light in the shape of an engine came on and stays on. I removed the gas cap and put it back with no change to the light. What does this light indicate? Do you have any ideas of possible cause?

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If you don't tighten down and lock your gas cap or drive off with it off the light will come on. If you find the cap loose and tighten it you have to do 8 cold starts before the light will go off. There are a hundred other reasons, but I bet this is the most common one.
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That light is referred to as the "check engine light". When the light is on it indicates some sort of failure within the vehicle. There are hundreds of things that can cause the light to turn on. I recommend bringing it in to your repair shop and have them perform engine diagnostics to determine the cause and appropriate repair.
When the light is on the computer in your vehicle has a code stored that the mechanic will use to determine what course of action to take.
I am having the exact same problem. Had to get towed 73 miles the other night. The lights flickered and the check engine light came on then the car just died. I don't have an answer but will follow this thread for ideas. Cheers Dennis