Orange colored lightning bolt between two parallel lines comes on intermittently on 2007 Chrysler Sebring

This occurs when driving down road and car shakes and then drives okay. I replaced the serpentine accessory belt and then this started to happen. Some days it doesn't occur at all. Autozone scanned and got a P2110 code.

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agree with pushrod do not waste money guessing
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It is probably in your best interest to have a mechanic perform a scan test on the vehicle instead of working on it in the dark!
P2110 is for the throttle body control system current too high / too low, sometimes described as rpm too high / too low. There could be carbon build-up in the throttle assembly causing it to stick and needing to be cleaned, or it may be developing a problem and need to be replaced. The lightning bolt is the throttle control system going into limp in mode. If you are going to try to clean it spray cleaner on a rag and then use the rag and a flat tool to remove the deposits. Do not spray the cleaner into the throttle as it can get into and damage the sensors inside it.
Thanks for your answer. Could any of the following also cause this problem? vacuum leaks, plugged PVC body, bad power control module, or bad throttle body control sensor