one problem after another moding fell of,seat heater failed, water leaks, on 2010 Cadillac SRX

also hub cap lost after tx dealer worked on it,local dealer has worker on water leak still leaks only 20000 mi

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I have found that these cars are pretty maintenance intensive. However, I would take your SRX back to the dealership and MAKE THEM fix the water leak ASAP. There is no excuse for that.
thank you . i have still leaking water they say this is unusal to have this many problem, no spare tire only sealent & air pump witch doesnt allway work if you are on the road and dealership are closed no way to motels ect. even with road service. buy american help auto co. that was bailed out with tax payers money.some oneinp needs to look in to these problems be for we lose more amercian jobs