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One of a Kind Motors
February 09, 2010

This is a long entry, but I promise it's well worth the time it will save you by reading it instead of wasting your time by taking your car here.

If there was a way to give a negative score to this business, I would. After breaking down on the highway, the tow driver recommended I go to Studio Automotive center. Not knowing where else to go and being totally stranded, I trusted his recommendation. Even as I rode in the tow truck to this place, the driver kept saying "he's going to overcharge you," "that's what he does," "just try to talk him down." ( I later was told by this driver that he gets his car worked on here for free and that's why he brings people here). Now, my dad's a mechanic, so I figured that if I could get a quote from him, no mechanic would be dumb enough to try to overcharge a girl who knows exactly what she should be charged for.
Boy, was I WRONG! The next day I found out what I should have been quoted at for $500, Ed Cremarosa (the owner) tried to charge me at $1200!!! I work at Universal Studios as a stunt performer, but even the oh-so-advertised 15% discount for Studios employees didn't mean squat at that gross over pricing.
Be warned: Ed will try to scam his way into getting you to trust him. He will put on the "good old boy" face and even try to pull the "I'm such a good Christian" card to make you feel safe.
My mechanic dad ended up talking to Ed, and asked him if the car started. Ed answered, "Uh, I don't know, we haven't checked. Let me check on that and call you back" My father has been in this business for 35 years, he knows that the FIRST THING you do is check to see if the car even starts!
After he called him back he wouldn't let my dad get a word in edgewise. He even upped the price to $2000!! That was it. I had my car towed outta there and to a place that I know is trust worthy (Morgan's Auto on Pico Blvd). When I arrived with a tow, Ed made a desperate price drop to $800 (still an overcharge for the service I need). I still took my baby away from this creep. It was then that Ed took off his "good ol' boy" mask and I saw up close and personal exactly who he really is: a filthy, dishonest, crooked jerk who wants your money, not to help you. As soon as he knew I was leaving for good, he was an absolute jerk to me. Not making eye contact and still making sure I paid his precious $95 for looking at my car (which is also hefty for a check, a normal rate is closer to $50 even in LA).

One final note:
The guy who towed me away ( a different guy from the tow before) told me stories of how much he hated Ed. He tows people like me away from there all the time. He told me about a time that Ed tried to charge a girl who needed a $150 repair $900!! He is also infamous for doing faulty work on people who get him into that "low zone." I 100% believe that if I would have let him work on my car for $800, he would have either not fixed it properly, or would have messed with something else that would have forced me to come back in.

I'm really sorry this post was so long, guys. But I hope it saves you time in the long run.

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