Once a Week Car Cranks Wont Start Unless You Jump It on 1996 Lincoln Town Car

At least once a week in the morning when I go out to start the car it cranks but wont start. Once you jump it it runs all day and for the rest of the week. Checked fuses, lights, replaced fuel relay...shut off suspension at night, stopped using theft system etc...anyone have any idea what could be making this happen..

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did you have the battery load tested?? could be that easy but you need a charging diag to find the problem.

Brand new Battery, I just replaced the new one I bought in June thinking the battery wasn't holding a charge. Battery and alternator both checked at garage and are good. I never thought about the PCM as the car can be jump started.
If the vehicle is cranking anyway, jumping it may provide additional needed voltage -- or it could be coincidental. OR, it could be that the surge of additional power through the electrical system triggers that relay to start working. Relays are cheap and a quick plug in, so not a bad guess if you have nothing else to go on.
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Also - you mentioned Fuel Pump Relay, but what about PCM relay? Just a thought.

Roy has it right, though, when it comes to battery voltage.