On tick over she just doesn't sound right, Slight fluffing, v slight popping. on 1995 Dodge Viper

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Taken to 2 garages. Viper not common here. No garage with diagnostic to fit. Even at Chrysler garage, never seen viper. New plugs/leads. Found inlet man gasket needed replacing. But still not right. Tick over 400. On increase of revs it sounds smoother. But still slight popping. Thanks
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You must have the only one in the state. You just need a MECHANIC to check this out hands-on!
No I am in the UK. Thats my problem, I can't find anyone here including garages that know anything about Vipers. I have been to 2 garages. I had to travel 60 miles to a large Chrysler garage, they hadn't seen a viper before. They spent 4 hours on the car and couldn't find anything wrong. Eventually they found a inlet manifold gasket needed replacing. Cost of £825. My local garage have replaced the plugs and leads. But I know she isn't right. I think the car should idle at 500 rpm min not 400, but I don't think thats a huge problem, and I am not saying that is the problem. But my local garage are not sure where to go next. So if you have any further advice, or are able to point them in the direction of what may need to be checked, changed or adjusted I would be grateful please. Thanks.
Ok, that's a different story. It really needs to be scan tested but i can't advise further, sorry.
Sorry, whats scan tested? I am worried about driving the car as I don't want to cause damage, is that a possibility or is it likely to be something simple? As I say at idle just sounds a bit lumpy not quite running as she should. I appreciate you are going by no more than my e mail. But I am getting extremely frustrated and have paid around £1300 with little or no options available. But I do appreciate you getting back to me. Thank you Brian
IF the mechanic looking at it is old enough to know what a vacuum guage is , then they might sidestep the scanner , for some 'old school' diagnosis. Guage jumpy when 'popping' is most likely valvetrain related problem........maybe that would help?
Thank you for your help appreciated. Brian
good luck! I like vipers! especially when they are 'healthy'.
So do I rather. Brian