On this van the key is stuck and won't turn. The gears won't move. What to do? on 2011 Chrysler Town & Country

Horn works, doors open. But the van won't start. How do you remedy this problem? Are there any other people having this same situation?

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Try this, turn the steering left and right hard while turning the key. Look at the front wheels are they turned to the left or right?
If turned LEFT turn steering wheel LEFT hard while truning key, If turned to the RIGHT turn steering wheel RIGHT hard while turning the key.
Let us know if this helps!
Inside the vehicle, in front of the console there are two outlets. One says it's for the key and the other says for the battery. Go figure. Anyway he plugged the battery charger into the one that say's for the battery, and decided to try and pull the key out, and it came right out. The battery wasn't in the van yet, he was still getting ready to charge it if it needed it. When he tried to plug it into the one for the key, it wouldn't come out. It's pretty confusing. But it works for now.
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don't park van facing down hill, tap on key with rubber mallet not to hard this worked for me.