1997 Subaru Impreza Q&A

1997 Subaru Impreza Question: On Board Computer Communication Failure

Failed Vehicle emission test due to communication status failure. This is second time it failed for this reason. Last time this happened, the dealer said there was nothing wrong with the connection. It pass the retest but paid dealer to do nothing. This may be a fuse issue but manual does not specify which fuse the OBD is connected to. Which fuse should I check to see if it is a bad fuse? If fuse is good, then what? -
Answer 1
Here is what the diagnostic connector looks like under the dash of your car. http://www.obdii.com/connector.html Check pins 16 and 1 for power and ground using a voltmeter. Check that the pins and wires look in tact. -
Answer 2
1998 lexus ES 300 v-6, yes went to due smog test and my car fail my code reader is on gren light but smog test computer has no comunication with my car computer -