On 98 Honda Accord is it normal for the radiator to go at 138,000 miles? on 1998 Honda Accord

My parents are planning to give me their 98 Honda Accord, and they just bought a new one. Yesterday when they turned on the A/C in the 98 Accord and drove it the engine temp went way above normal. Their mechanic is now replacing the radiator. Is this normal for an Accord at 138,000? Otherwise my parents have fully maintained the car. Just wondering how many more repairs are going to be needed.

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When they turned on the A/C the cooling fans probably were inoperative and allowed it to overheat , causing excessive pressure in the system and the top tank to crack. Not uncommon. Make sure the fans operate as intended, or you might end up with more of a headache. Anytime the A/C compressor engages the condensor fan should kick on. Just noticed I'm a month late ....hope I was wrong!
Thanks for the reply. Yes, the A/C has been working fine.
Thanks for the feedback! Enjoy your Honda!
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It is not uncommon for a vehicle that is 14 years old to need parts replaced. Over 40,000 moving parts, anything can fail at any time. Yes even Honda's do break!
Thank you for the reply - appreciate the info.
Yes a radiator replacment is normal wear with that many miles.
Thank you for the reply, appreciate the info.