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3741 E Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33610

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Olin Mott Tire Co.
October 07, 2015

Had a tire repaired at the Hillsborough Location recently and when I drove home, my wheel came off. When I called the Asst manager Cody, I was passed to a gentlman by the name of Rick Mott because Cody didnt know what to say in response to my tragedy. I was basically told I was a liar and that I unscrewed my own wheel off. I will never go to this place and I am currently suing this place for almost killing the driver I almost hit when this happened. DO NOT GO HERE!

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Olin Mott Tire Co.
April 30, 2015

On 06/21/13 I purchased 4 tires at Olin Mott in Brandon, Florida. Why I decided to make the purchase at this location? They gave me a free (one time) alignment with the 4 tire purchase. I was also told that for the life of the tires, a free rotation and balance (it was explained that every time you rotate the tires they should also be balanced) and I also purchased a road hazard warranty. I was guaranteed at least fifty thousand miles out of my tires if I maintained the correct air pressure, rotation and balance every six thousand miles (but I would have to maintain a record of proof of maintenance). If the tires failed to last beyond the fifty thousand miles, they would be replaced. So I agreed and made the purchase.
Immediately after leaving the business and driving home, the tires vibrated awfully. Had to keep going back for rebalancing. They had sold me a bad set of tires and would not consider replacing them. Their solution? I was sent to the Olin Mott in Tampa on Hillsborough Avenue to get a high speed balance. It didn't stop all of the vibration, but it helped in reducing most of it. Since they were able to help with the tire vibration, I chose to continue to go to the Tampa location for the rotation and balance. Well on one of my returns to the store on Hillsborough Avenue, they discovered that one of the wheel bearings on my rear wheel was starting to go bad. The repair price they quoted I felt was extremely unreasonable, I knew the wheel bearing was a very simple fix, so I replaced it myself and saved money on the part and the labor. Well after this episode they must have gotten pissed caused this ended my free tire balancing. They reminded me that I had a bad wheel bearing and I informed them it had been repaired the next day. Now they tell me I have to pay for a tire balance. Never returned to Hillsborough location again.
04/30/15 called Olin Mott store in Brandon, Florida to get a tire rotation and balance. Before leaving home (to drive just over sixty miles) I inquired via phone if it was necessary to make an appointment. I was told that it was not necessary and to come on over cause there's not that many cars in. I got there and entered the business holding my receipts in my hand, but was very much surprised...When I told the manager I was there for a balance and rotation, he responded they were full and to come back tomorrow morning. I was speechless, they got me again! I left the property then thought about what happened. I decided to call back for an explanation for such unprofessional discourteous by the manager. I spoke to the manager again and after clearing up that I had called prior to arriving and attempted make an appointment, He suggested that I return and he would work me in within an hour to an hour and a half. Got back to the store to face more bull. This time I was dealing with the same rep who gave me the speech and sold me the tires (who now has amnesia). He informed me that I could get a free tire rotation, but I would have to pay for the balance. I said no more and got away from there just as quick as I could.
I'm not angry, just highly disappointed about how I was treated as a customer and this experience was a lesson learned about verbal agreements and not having promises in writing. I am done doing business with Olin Mott, my tires still vibrate and it is obvious they're not going to last fifty thousand miles. My experience and opinion about the tires I was sold...poor quality and not worth the money I spent. Very bad experience dealing with the business also. I would never recommend Olin Mott to anyone.

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Olin Mott Tire Co.
February 27, 2013

Only had a tire repaired there, but they were great & fixed my tire the correct way.

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