Oldsmobile Cutlass Reviews

Oldsmobile Cutlass Reviews and Owner Comments

I bought this car used with 89,000 miles on it and loved it. It was a very reliable car and decent on gas. The only problem I ever had with it was the fuel regulator. Other than that all I ever put into it for work was routine maintenance and break pads. Motor still ran great when I retired it at 258,000 miles when the transmission went. Considering miles I don't feel it was a bad vehicle at all.
Bought the car brand new. Still runs like a top and looks fantastic. Air conditioning is spotty, but the car is 14 years old. Love the car!
The button on the gearshift is very hard to push in. Tried lubricating it but it didn't help.
Bought the car brand new and still love it! It looks as good as new, rides and drives like a dream. Totally dependable.
another General Motors piece of junk, never again.
I bought car brand new have been in love ever sense. TO bad GM discontiued the olds line
I put this car through hell, but always did the oil change and tune-up. To date it's up to 115,000 miles and will probably go another 100,000 easy. It's All about maintenance.
Bought this car new. Minor upkeep, never left me on the side of the road. It's been a good car for us.