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Fire from exhaust pipe now won't start what could be the problem
Engine-tranaxle disengaging happens at highway speeds, when gaining elevation or moving into a curve, for example. Seems to me to be at the final phase of automatic transmission shifting where lock-clutch would kick i...
Car sounded like popcorn popping but ran great with no check engine lights. We changed the waterpump, tested the altenator, and changed the balancer. After this the car did not make noise anymore but started stalling ...
car starts most of time. it starts slowly after turning key 4-5 times
when not on the gas or in park it acts like it want to die like the idleing is set to low.is there an idleing screw so i can idle it up so u dont have to have one foot giving it gas when in park or coming to a stop
When going along and need to increase gas just slightlty to maintain speed (whether in cruise or not) the engine will jerk but if I let off the accellerator and then press it again it is fine!