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I have two checks engine fans
My car just started making a loud squealing sound sounds like a belt
I had my water pump replace 10/10 2014 by 10/18/214 I was hearing the same problem but this time the car over heated and water was on the ground I took it back and the guy said it was 4 little tubes that cause the w...
only 1 fan come P1651 CIRCUIT /OUTPUT DRIVER MODULE P1651 Fan 1 Control Relay Control Circuit Malfunction change hoses thermostat two relays
After driving awhile in the heat, the AC in my 98 intrigue just suddenly stopped working. Shortly after that, the belt snapped and my power steering went out. I already replaced a bad sensor. What else do I need to r...
I apparently had a misfire and then about an hour later, all of a sudden, there is a bang, the steering won't work, and red gear oil starts pouring out from underneath. Could it be a burst hose, or reservoir? If so, h...
starting to shift hard when warmed up. has 73000 miles. Is it better to have tranny rebuilt or buy a rebuilt one. price is about double to buy rebuilt one.
There is full power under the hood. The head lights have power at the plugs but the interior switch will not turn the on.
Runs and Drives fine but lites always on the dash---