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Do you have to remind entire assembly or can you just remove the pulley?
Mechanic said there's a belt in there that the car needs to run. I never heard of a car not working unless the compressor is replaced. It will cost 698.
P1651 Fan 1 Control Relay Control Circuit Malfunction
When air is on we get air on driver side, heat on passenger side. Is this common problem? Can you help? Thank you.
Ok pulling into gasstation car ran out of gas filled it up wouldn't start replaced fuelpump&filter put fresh gass still wont start turns over just fine just wont start this is my only car & cant afford to take it to a...
Sometimes, when I turn my car's steering wheel or just start moving forward or backward, I hear a soft rubbing noise coming from it seems like the front of the car. Is something getting worn down? Are brake pads rubbi...