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the door wont open from the inside or outside. i just replaced the door handle and pannel because the old one broke and then when i tested the locks it wouldnt unlock from the inside or outside. how do i get the door ...
It covers the door chimes,door locks and power antane.Serveal people are saying it has a short.Any way to check.Thanks
Changed solenoid and did not get better. Just click a few times and it used to start but just click now
My car is a 3.1lt,I had a a/c compressor put in and now it does not come on @all,but when I cut the a/c off it comes back on
engine revs up to around 2500 rpm in park. service engine soon light is always on.
My car goes up to around 2500 rpms when it is started and when it is stopped and put in park gear. It also runs pretty fast without the gas pedal being pushed when driving. I have to use brake to maintain speed limit...
my rear doors will not open from the inside or out...can you help me please?
steering came unhooked when fixing powersteering hose
power window is in the up position and it has power and you can hear it run but no movement...
When car is started it runs at idle for a minute and then the service engine soon light comes on for about 30 seconds and when light goes off car does not want to stay running what could be the problem already replace...