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Before dropping motor back in i changed the thermostat, new upper and lower radiator hoses. Everything worked before the swap. I should mention car sat for 6 months without running while I was searching for a motor ...
I need to do this myself, I have some mechanical knowledge, I would like to know,is it under the upper manifold and is it very difficult to remove, meaning taking it out and replacing the gaskets
The fuel pump works. Oil light is on and check engine light is on.
The fuses are fine and the light bulbs are fine, so what else can it be?
checked spark on plugs two cylinders not fireing
cant find where the pcv valve is located on 3.1 v 6 92 olds
barly starts and stauls rite out.replaced pump & sock filter.still the same.could a gas cap be the prob 7
Yesterday I noticed that the drivers side floorboard was soaked through with water. I could not find where it was coming from but it is only on that one side. What do ya'll think is up? Air conditioner is working fine.
is there more than one fuel filter
where is the fuel presure reliefe valve and how do you check it
wont restart when hot
My 1992 olds cutlas supreme quit and won't start, I think I smell gas so I think its getting gas.