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replaced ignition module car started ran for a day and died no fire replaced ignition module and all 3 coils still no fire
stall and run like hell and dies put in a new iac run good for about 2days then started all over help
This repeats over and over. and bad smells are coming from car too. what could this be.
I have a 1989 oldsmobile cutlass ciera. Im having problems with it stalling out while accelerating and also not wanting to start up / start back up. Starting fluid helps when this happens but the problem keeps happeni...
where is map sensor located on 1989 cierra 3.3 liter
I actually ahve two issues. first being the mystery relay. one day i started the car and suddenly couldnt use the locks or radio. if you turn the radio on and turn it up you can here the speakers buzzing a little. i c...
i changed this and now again it wont pump threw the cyliners plz help how to install and make sure all is lined with shaft and prime the pump do u and how its for a 3300 v6 oldsmobile cutlass
I have a 1988 Cutlass Ciera, 3.8L V6, over 234,000 miles; had transmission rebuilt Sept 2010. While driving my car stalls and it starts right back up. I replaced the fuel filter but it still stalls. I have been told i...
vehicle starts for just a few seconds ...where is fuel pump relay and how do you check and replace it? Need diagnostic codes as well
Could anyone send a brake line diagram or an explanation of which brake lines on the brake cylinder control which brakes on a 1990 olds cutlas ciera?
I went throught inspections and my CO was high and failed the car runs fine I don't see an ajustment I can make, is there something I can do?