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All other gears are smooth and it happens only in reverse
the turn signals stopped operating,next day battery was dead and replaced. fuses don't appear to be broken. Interior and exterior lights, wipers, door and rear hatch operate correctly
What is the oil capacity of the air conditioning compressor and what weight should the oil be.
Where can I find a rear drivers side seatbelt latch.
while driving my 96 olds bravada it shuts off with no warning,sometimes it starts right back up it may go for about a half mile, then it shuts off again.i turn the ignition,it turns but want start. i let it set for a ...
No getting any heat. I put in a new thermostat,does not overheat, water pump is working, had the heater coil flushed twice. Please help me in what other options I should look at.
what is the trick for removing lower ball joints on 1996 bravada
it makes whining noise when i put it n reverse and when i go certain sped in drive
How many oxygen sensors are on a 1996 Olds Bravada 4.3 litre engine?
i bouhgt a 1996 oldsmobile bravada 4.3 smartrak. when we first bought it it ran with some skip if you were going 55 or more but the minute i try to drive it through town and come to a stop sign or let off the gas to s...
The vehicle only blows hot air even if the fan is off and temp control is set on cold.
The motor of the windshild wiper has stoped working every time I try to turn it on it sounds like if it was stuck..this grrrr...grrr.. sound. I have changed the lock on the tailgate before...
I am currently working on my 96 Bravada replacing my fuel feeder line and am having a difficult time getting it out. Does anyone have good suggestions on how to remove it, i have already lowered the trans. as far as ...