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This is the second time. the first time, I disconnected the battery and then was able to manually unlock it, but this time it does not work. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
at start-up oil preasure is 72psi.when warm it will idle @15psi
How much should the labor charge be to have a new engine installed?
windows on passenger side will not roll up or down but can be controlled from driver position
My aurora's auto door locks stoped working along with the interior lights. My auto headlight system works backwords also, when its bright out there on and at nite i have to turn them on manualy. What might be the caus...
Strut bearings are making a creaking noise
if my car is running hot and the water is running out of the drivers side of the motor
i want to know how i can make my aurora go past 110mph
i want to know why my dash and park lights will not go off unless the batteryis unplugged
what would cause this and what do i need to replace,thank you so much.
How much would it cost to repair the air conditioning in this car (according to every possible scenario.) ?
my right rear break is wearing down much much faster than any other. also keeps warping the roters.flushed system ,changed calipers,changed roters three times,and master cylinder checks out ok. cant seem to get a fix ...
how do you properly flush the brake system
when i try to change the vent from the floor to defrost or any other position nothing happens
Adjusted the mirrors and all of a sudden the power went out in the dash. All the guages, door locks, door mirrors etc went out. Any ideas on what to check? Thanks!