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Leaking engine coolant from radiator, temperature starting to rise. Don't want to pay all the money for a new head gasket.
you can push pedal to floor and nothing. it seems to occur after driving several miles. other than that runs very well.You can stop,sometimes shut car down and then proceed and it doesnt do it again. would having two...
The instrument lights come on, I lose power, it sputters, then dies.
I've been given an 98 oldsmobile aurora to fix. Here is the problems... Vehicle drives fine for awhile, then after 30-45 mins. of stop and go driving the CEL comes on. The codes that come up are P0753 and P0758, which...
my 1998 aurora whill sometimes act like the accerlator will stick it will take off by itself while i am driving can feel it doing it have to keep tapping brakes to slow down then when i have to come to a complet stop ...
just started turn signals want work replace bulbs fuses flasher and turn switch