1998 Oldsmobile Aurora Questions

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the dash guages abd heating/ac array won't work. It appears that a ground short may be the problem as they came on and then went off when i put it in drive. ground short possible on wire in bundle from under back seat. solution?

the idle is too high, the RPM's is over 2000

Just started last night.

When it rains water is coming in on my drivers side floor.minimal water. I cant find where its coming from. I thought it was coming up from a whole under the floor board. Had the carpet pulled up thinking it was needed to be welded. No whole. Does anyone have a answer? Please advise

my 1998 aurora whill sometimes act like the accerlator will stick it will take off by itself while i am driving can feel it doing it have to keep tapping brakes to slow down then when i have to come to a complet stop the car will sound like a mac truck engine running i have to throw car in park it usual throws me forward the usualy go very high and climb up like i am on gas peddal holding it but i am not touching nothing i have to shut off leave it set for a while start it up then it runs fine please help me

My son accidently left the xm radio on and wore down the battery. We charged it overnight, but now park lights stay on even when car is not running. The only way to shut them off is to unhook battery. Also, drivers door dings when open even when keys are not in it.

My aurora will not come out of park , any idea of what i can do to fix it?

Parking lights wont go off, what is the problem.First headlights would flash when the car was off. now the park lights wont go off.

How much to replace the rotors only?

I need to get the rotors on my 1998 oldmobile Aurora replaced. What should the cost range for this repair be?

My pwr windows do not work for driver front or passenger rear. How could I best diagnose this problem?

just started turn signals want work replace bulbs fuses flasher and turn switch

Trying to remove the camshaft pulley and I don't know how to take it off.

My service vehicle soon light comes on because my battery voltage goes up to 17 volts, when the voltage goes up the rpms will go up, sometimes up to 2. I have replace the battery and alternator recently as well.

Censer issue? Whenever I go through a car wash the car stalls. Whenever it rains really heavy the car stalls. I recently drove 400 miles in a snow storm and now the car continues to stall no matter if its dry or wet. The previous owners (grandparents) have had the car tested to be told. There is nothing wrong.
Any ideas as to why it likes to stall when wet? I found if I shift into neutral and keep the rear defroster on. The RPMS stay at 1... and the car does not stall... However, That is not the solution.