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How much to replace the rotors only?
I need to get the rotors on my 1998 oldmobile Aurora replaced. What should the cost range for this repair be?
My pwr windows do not work for driver front or passenger rear. How could I best diagnose this problem?
just started turn signals want work replace bulbs fuses flasher and turn switch
Trying to remove the camshaft pulley and I don't know how to take it off.
My service vehicle soon light comes on because my battery voltage goes up to 17 volts, when the voltage goes up the rpms will go up, sometimes up to 2. I have replace the battery and alternator recently as well.
Censer issue? Whenever I go through a car wash the car stalls. Whenever it rains really heavy the car stalls. I recently drove 400 miles in a snow storm and now the car continues to stall no matter if its dry or wet. ...
please tell me what's wrong how to fix it and where the oil sending unit located because the oil level is full.
how much would it cost to check out and repair my right front fender and balance the tire... some one backed out not looking samshed right into me and my right door and window and mirror
I have a prob with the air. Its been running great all these years but recently it has acted like it needs freon. No prob. We have everything to do it. (husband is a mechanic in the AF) Well, it is blowing warm on the...
Where is the starter located exactly ? Replace over or under Engine Compartment?
parking lights on off, dash do same when car is parked. Once running everything seems to work but dash lights on and off? Runs battery down.
When outside temperature is under 35 degrees, it won't shift out of park until car has run for a while-car does not really get warm-but it has to be running for a bit before it shifts-button won't go in