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Had faulty ignition bought new ignition switch and cylinder reinstalled and broke park lock cable in reassemble. Car turns over but won't start also noticed I blew the 30? Or 40? Amp fuse labeled ign.
How can i change the ignition switch without having the keys
I have replaced the right front wheel bearing
I looked under the backseat already and I didn't find one. Does this vehicle even have one?
Dash light comes on after car is on and moving. Goes off after a couple of seconds. Had new battery put in and checked starter & alternator. Both are good. Light is now staying on longer but still goes off in less th...
My dash board does not work so i dont knw how fast im goin or if i have any gas.
90k car starts and drives good car stalls after its warmed up about 10 min it just dies while driving never stalls in idle car usually starts right back up or will after 5 min. No check engine light
Tried to start the car it gives this clicking sound but the engine don't turn over later on tried to start again it just won't start at all
This morning I tried to start the car and it made that clicking sound but the engine won't turn over. Four hours later I tried again no clicking sound and engine still won't turn over.
I am getting the clicking from the hazard relay when the signal and hazards are off-many people describing this and most agree the cure is replace the turn signal switch.
when I change the water pump I try to take a short cut and wedged something in the timing chain before I depressed the tensioner. I thought that the oil pressure would send the tensioner back to where it needed to go....
My instrument cluster is bad. I just want to know if I can keep driving it like this or how long can I keep driving it like this.
My dad was a mechanic for 14 years, and he said it could be a $400 dollar part.
along with some mechanical issues, the rear bumper is currently falling off.