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We replaced the back drum breaks, disks, and cylinder and correctly put them back together but the breaks are still not working correctly. We do not know how with all the electrical stuff on the master cylinder if it ...
We changed the fuel pump and it won't start now. Someone said there is a switch that has to be reset.
The engine runs at normal operating temperature (about 195 degrees) while on the highway. When I stop at traffic stops the engine temperature increases from 195 degrees to over 220 degrees then returns to normal when ...
Do I need torx or allen wrenches ? Which size do I need ?
The dash temp gauge will not move even when engine is turned off, it stays at 280. Checked the thermostat, radiator cap, hoses, no leaks on the water pump and no strange noises. What could cause this problem and how...
ac leaks inside car
how much should it cost to replace a muffler?
The engine misfires intermittently (often). The two coils have been changed out with no change in misfiring. I connected a neon light to each spark plug one at a time and on No. 2 spark plug the neon light flashed t...
Have a 94 olds achieva and the back driver's side turn signal won't work. Think the plug is bad. Light works some but won't stay connected good.
what order do they go in when they r plugged in ?
where would my spark plugs be located at
When i put my car in drive or low driving gears and push the gas it has hardly any power. When i put it in reverse it has alot of power and drives normal. Would anyone have an idea what would cause that to happen?
mt headlights won't work unless i hold the arm up as if i were putting on the high beams, and i have to hold it up while i drive or they go back out,my husband would like to know if there is a relay or something causi...