ok,im told the resistor is located beside the master cylinder and it is not. on 1998 Volkswagen Passat

ive looked online and read that the master cylinder feeds the slave cylinder on some passats.(is this true)

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Yes; But it is not as big; Under your dash attached to the clutch pedal is a control rod going through the firewall. Check the area in which it goes through, and find that same area on the engine side he firewall. It's close to the M/Cyl, but smaller and attached to the firewall as well.
brother i hear you talking and know i must seem like a idiot but there is no resivior beside the booster or master cylinder.i traced the line from the slave and it dose run behind the booster but there is no resivior.dose it run off the master cylinder?i also tried tracing it off the clutch pedal like you said.....this is why i stay away from forghin cars
That one uses the fluid from the M/cyl, but it should have a hose/line coming out of the res to the clutch master.
the line frome the slave cyl runs up behind the brake booster and i cant tell where it goes from a matter of fact you cant really see the line,only feel it behind the if there is a clutch master cylinder god only knows where it imaging the brake master controls that as well
I'm looking at a picture of one and that one could mount under dash. Control rod goes straight into a round plastic housing. If they put it under dash and it leaks, Wow what a mess.
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