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OKC Auto Works
May 12, 2011

OKC Auto Works had my car for 5 weeks, a week and a half of this time was due to a 'backordered' part. Sean and the front desk staff were extremely helpful and nice, in the beginning, calling me with updates and keeping me informed of what was going on. I picked up my car and within 3 hours the check engine light was on and my car was overheating like crazy. I took it back in the next day and they hadn't 'burped the radiator.' Really, you had my car for 5 weeks and forgot to do something this simple? There was also a problem with the hood of my car and inexplicably there was a bump out on my dash where the passenger airbag is, even though it was not deployed in my accident. They fixed everything but the dash and told me they would call to have me bring it back in for that. 3 days later, my check engine light was on AGAIN and still no phone call about the dash. It was several days before I could take it back in and when I did, Sean no longer worked there and Jason was my new rep. They told me to bring the car in the following Monday to be dropped off and pick up a rental at their expense. By this time my hood had developed a new problem of bouncing on a bumpy road, such as I-40. When I dropped my car off, they had forgotten to get me a rental and provided me with their 'loaner' vehicle. It was an '03 PT Cruiser with front bumper and grill damage, a huge crack through the windshield, brake issues where it made a loud noise and shook every time you stopped and any hump or bump in the road made the car shake back and forth, plus it smelled, oh and the driver armrest was missing. I was not only embarrassed to drive this vehicle and park it in front of my house, but felt very unsafe driving it. I spoke with the manager, Kelly, regarding this and he agreed to have me bring it back and give me a rental as I was previously told I would have. When I went to trade in the loaner my car was miraculously done, in only 2 days! The rep, Jason, however told me that they were doing me a 'favor' fixing it free of charge, even though they state that their work is guaranteed for the life of the vehicle as long as you own the car, because what I brought the car back in for was 'unrelated to my accident.' Oh really, so all these problems just magically appeared on a car that I had driven only a year and had no previous issues before I was in my accident and it spent 5 weeks in your body shop? I spoke with the once kind and helpful manager, Kelly, again and he agreed with his rep that they had done me a huge favor, and based on my response that he probably should have just left it undone for me to deal with my insurance company 'that probably wouldn't have paid for it anyway.' I'm sorry but this is not how you treat customers, EVER! I also had a check issue with them, where I was told they would hold my check, that I was unaware I'd have to pay at pickup(my deductible) since the accident was not my fault, until I called them to give the go ahead for deposit. 1 week later the check cleared my account without so much as a phone call to tell me they were depositing it. I understand if they couldn't hold it any longer, but at least have the decency to make someone aware that their account is about to have a large amount withdrawn and possibly over drafted! Please do not take your car here, it would be a mistake and shame if you had to go through anything similar to what I did.

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