1996 Toyota Corolla Q&A

1996 Toyota Corolla Question: ok my brake keeps locking up on the passage side

i change the hoses and calibers,and bleed the brakes on 4 sides.can someone tell me whats wrong with my brakes.its like theirs pressure still in them you drive it for alil wild and you have to stop and relese the brake on passage side,by that lil vale by tire and then its good to go for alil longer, -
Answer 1
p/s frt or rear brakes? -
Answer 2
open line nosa valve press the blakes down then close the nosal valveand release the blakes. repeat this until all air is blended out then adjust the cxalipers to the correct tightness of the blakes. -
Answer 3
I had the same problem with mine it ended up being the master cylinder -