Ok I have an after market air con system it's a YJ model. on 1994 Jeep Wrangler

when i'm driving it work's great, but when i get to a red light or sitting still it short cycle's. it is charged properly, i had to replace my fan clutch, so i put in a heavy duty one, no luck. i put a shroud fsn in front of the condensing unit. no luck, had a bad tenpture switch, i replaced that. would just quit while driving, turn it off and back up and the air would work again. flushed the radiator put stright antifreeze in it, no luck.changed 2 hose's, I don't think it's the low side pressure vulve. i'm about ready to go nut's. finally i put it in a shop 2 day's ago, no it's driving their guy nut's, he has not been able to solve the problem yet either. Someone please HELP!!!!

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Not enough air flow across the condenser coil while stopped.... spray cold water on the condenser ..... I bet the compressor keeps running then! ... One more thing, how much voltage at battery terminals with engine idling and accessories on? Also check compressor voltage!
well yesterday the shop put a swamp cooler in front of the condenser, it dropped the tempeture 100 degrees. the air worked fine even at idle. I have already put a fan shroud in front of the condenser. The battery is also new
everything electrical seems fine, but when the compressor kicks on it pulls some electric from the battery, the battery gauge goes down a bit. their is no reason after all iv'e done that the aircond should not work!! see my first post, tells everything iv'e done to it. anyone with more advice would be great!!!
Ok, so with the cooler in front of the vehicle the a/c did fine....go figure!! .. I'm out of ammo!!!
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Have them check the head pressure, possible flow restriction of Freon. Just a thought.
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