2004 Audi A6 Quattro Q&A

2004 Audi A6 Quattro Question: oil tray cracked - what else do I need to do the repair?

Hubby says I need to find liquid gasket and oil plug to complete repair - any ideas where to find online? APW has the tray but not the gasket or oil plug. -
Answer 1
The liquid gasket probably beeing reffered to is RTV silicone ( Room Tempature Vulcanizing ). You can find it at any auto parts store. I would not recommend using it inplace of the felt or rubber gasket but as a "glue" to hold the gasket in plce while you place the pan back on the vehicle so it doesnt move while inserting the bolts. If you do use the RTV, use the black colored RTV. -
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Audi use an anaerobic sealer . I would suggest the Permatex 51580.If you use this one surface must be very clean. -
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Thank you to d11b and euromech for your help and suggestions! I greatly appreciate it!! -
Answer 2
Another excellant product readily available is made by Permatex called the Right Stuff very good product/sealer. -
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Thank you, Patrick! -