oil stops pumping after 5 min. i put in a new oil pump,striner,sencer and filter on 2002 Mercury Villager

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after about 5 min. of running the oil light comes on and the oil doesnt come to the top of the motor
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Worn out bearings. Engine noisy? After light comes on turn eng. off and quickly check oil level, is it still full?
Could be ponding in valve covers. Have seen it before on another eng. How many miles on van? How often serviced
or do you know? Just happen all at once? Lots of info.still needed.
it happened all at once.engine is not noisy until the oil light comes on and the oil stops has 181018 miles on it and could it be an internal blockage
Most likely losing pressure due to worn engine componets. (most likely!!) Did you clean the oil pan when work was done, or did you do the work?