Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Problem Report

Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Oil Pump Drive O-Ring May Leak Oil

(13 reports)

An engine oil leak may develop from the oil pump drive O-ring. This can often be confused with an intake manifold gasket leak. Careful inspection is required to determine the exact cause of the leak. Replacement of the failed 0-ring will commonly correct this concern.

Had an oil leak that was hard to find. Was under back end of intake manifold.Manifold had to be removed to replace "O" ring. Was very expensive. -
care leaks oil like a siv. -
Ongoing problem, has been repaired once and a second attempt made to fix the first repair , engine leaks more oil now than it did before I started having work done -
Took my car to the shop and had it fixed for a little over $200, but I had some additional work done at the time. It has been running fine with no further leaks. -
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