oil pump crank on 2000 Toyota Sienna

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The oil pump is conected to some type of crank that makes the oil pump work, how much would it cost to repair this crank or bearing?
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If I am understanding you correctly, you're talking about replacing the Crankshaft Bearing,when an engine needs this, you basically need an engine overhaul or new engine, sorry to say.
What exactly is wrong with your engine? Yes the oil pump is driven by the Crankshaft on your engine, but why not just get a new oil pump? Why is the Crankshaft so damaged? Maybe you should get a second opinion from another shop?
I really appreciate your response, the mechanic who is woring on our 2000 toyota seirra said at first he had to replace the oil pump, that was fine, he just finished over hauling the top of the engine. 'Then we get a call saying that he's working on repairing this crankshaft bearing, but I really believe he made a mistake that we will end up paying a high price for because he failed to mention that we may need a new engine when he first quoted us a price of 1600.00 for an overhaul and now the engine might be ceased?
Thanks again for your help, I relay this message to my husband and get back to you if there are any more questions.