Oil Pump on 1994 Oldsmobile 98

I went to Auto Zone to get the Oil Pump for my car but all they have is Oil Pump Kit. Is this all that is required. Can this job be done with out going to a repair shop. Does the engine have to be pulled. I went to one repair shop and they wanted over $1,000 and I can't afford that I am a Senior on a very fixed income. How expensive is this job.

by in Denver, CO on April 04, 2011
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ANSWER by on April 04, 2011
You should be able to remove the oil pan (by jacking the engine up a little) and replace the pump. You may need a gasket for the oil pan and will need some sealer and cleaner to do the job. Of course you'll need a jack, stands, proper tools, etc. If you haven't done this kind of work before you need an experienced person to give you some guidance. It's not a real tough job but without experience it could be risky and difficult. if you want to ask a pro how much, here's a directory link for you: https://repairpal.com/directory?address=80207&car_brand_names=Oldsmobile
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