1995 Dodge Ram Van 2500 Q&A

1995 Dodge Ram Van 2500 Question: Oil Pump

How do you replace the oil pump? -
Answer 1
Depends on where it located. All vehicles have different procedures -
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...e off the oil filter off to see if there is oil coming out when I start it, there is none. The oil pump must have gone out. But the dealer parts says it is a oil pump rotor pkg. Where do I start and...
dodge ram van 2500, 110,000 mi. 5.2 l engine. At idle and after warm up, Check Gauges light com...
...start the engine while observing the readings. If the pressure reads above 80 psi, replace the oil pump.
Ok so I have replaced sender unit, thermostat and water pump on this Ram Van. Still gets hot but not steaming hot. No heat coming out either. I pulled the water lines from the pump to the heater co...