oil pump on 2002 Buick LeSabre

car has 45000 miles. had oil change done 6/26/09 abt two weeks ltr i could hear just a light noise when rolled window down. was idling 10 mins in traffic and oil pan light came on/then shut off. did this abt 3 x and i drove real slow abt 5 miles to Sears where i had oil chg done. they said my oil pressure measured 5#,4# and 3#. they shut car off and turned issue over to their ins company 9 days ltr claim adjuster whom i never talked to called Sears rep of my claim and told her no problem with oil change. However, i never saw oil on dipstick when
car was showing low pressure, nor did i get to talk with their ins adjuster. I have had multiple prev oil changes performed by sears on this car on a routine basis. pls advise what could be causing the loud noise? and should i pursue them, as i have called GMC in Dearborn. tks

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First of all the oil pressure reading numbers you sent don't mean anything, The readings should be pressure readings in psi. You said the oil level was low when the noise started two weeks after the oil change. Did the noise go away when the oil level is filled to specs? If you still have a noise with the oil level correct then returning to Sears and explaining again what happened my be your best bet at this time.
Tks Russ for your reply. Well, I returned to Sears & they said there was no problem with the oil change. However, GMC advised me to take my car to a local dealership. The dealership advised I have a rod which
has spun out on my engine, meaning I have a blown engine.
Any ideas, comments. Tks