Oil problem on 2000 Hyundai Accent

I cant see any oil leaking but im 2 quarts low after a month of driving what causes this? I dont know much about cars but I think its the gasket right below where the oil goes ( I have a 2000 Hyundai Accent)Is this the head gasket? if so how much is it to get fixed thanks for any input I probably sound dumb but I am looking it up and posting this question so im tryin lol.

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The valve covers is what you are most likely seeing the oil leaking from. Being down 2 quarts in a month is quite a bit. Being a 2000 year there are probably some other gasket leaks but they are not bad enough to cause visible drips on ground. The car may also be burning small amounts of oil as it is driven but not enough to cause visible smoking. I would suggest replacing valve cover gaskets and use a quality oil such as Castrol and check your oil more often.
Yup ,after looking it up and hearing from you I beleive you are right on thanks alot for your help.