OIL PRESSURE SWITCH on 2004 Chrysler Sebring

I have a leak coming from the oil pressure switch.
I've bought and changed out the switch 2 times which I had bought from AUTOZONE. I am not sure
if I may need to put more teflon tape or if any .
It comes with some kind of white stuff on the threads already.
Maybe I'm not tighting it enough or I need an
original OEM switch from the dealer .

Asked by for the 2004 Chrysler Sebring
Did the oil pressure switch you take out have a washer under it, it so it had standard "straight threads" and requires a gasket. If the sender unit had no gasket under the unit it has taper threads (pipe threads) and doesn't require a gasket. I use either Loctite thread sealer (its brown in color) or some silicon sealer. Don't over tighten the sender unit it is supposed to seal when the taper threads are sufficiently tight. Is it leaking out the threads or from the plastic sender unit body?