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Chevrolet Impala oil pressure sensor

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Oil pressure low stop engine light and the annoying chime that goes with it, started slow, but now is on constantly -
The engine light was on and the car seemed to be running fine. That is when i went in to hook it up to the diagnostic machine. We found out it was the oil pressure sensor. You do have to order the part through GM, but it is only $10.00. my husband fixed it in about 10 min. -
I have the sensor telling me to turn off engine because the oil pressure is low -
My oil pressure sensor went bad and kept running the message "Oil Pressure Low, Stop Engine" on the DIC. -
Oil sensor light comes on or stays on.From time to time, it tells me that my engine is hot, turn off A/C and the engine's fan pops on. I have checked my oil & water, but everything is fine. Not fixed because I do not have a clue of where I should go. I feel as if GM will overcharge me. -
Was driving and the no oil pressure warning came on. Checked oil. It was ok but added just a dash. Drove about 45 min and it did it again. Checked oil then was able to drive the 2.5 hours home without issue. -
Just got the car and was driving down the road all of the sudden the dash starts chiming and telling me the oil pressure is low. I stopped and checked the oil and it looked fine. I started the car again and it didn't say anything so I started driving again. About 45 minutes later the exact same thing happened again. So I did the same thing and drove another 45 minutes until it happened again. I haven't fixed anything yet but I will start with the oil pressure sensor. -
Oil pressure warning stop engine constantly goes on and off... engine running fine, plenty of oil. -
Car running normal. Check Engine light on, not gas cap or fuel type. Also not going into 3 cyl mode. After a lot of internet research and codes ran by mechanics advised to change oil pressure sensor, I bought one and will install very soon. I had car only three weeks so this was a scary scenario but I am confident that is the problem and will be able to fix for $30 if I install myself. -
I have taken my 07 chevy in for oil filter housing unit to be replaced and less than 24 hrs of getting car back the engine light is on. Technician tells me that oil pressure sensor looks like it went out due to sensor are very sensitive on gm model cars. -
My car runs good with no problems but every now and den my low oil pressure light comes on. It came on four times tonight and I don't know if it's the oil pressure sensor or my oil pump -
Check light came on. I checked the diagnostic code and it showed engine oil pressure system. I have not fixed the problem yet, but I will attempt the repair myself. -
Oil sensor continually goes off, but I noticed it's when I'm low on gas mostly. Engine fine, Oil at 99% & don't know why it goes off. -
I have the same problem and I know what the fix is but I would like to know how many of you guys that have this issue also had the bad power steering line recall on their Impala as well because that sensor could be going bad based off of all the fluid being Splashed onto the sensor before it was fixed very hard to clean it all off. Just a little food for thought the sensor is right by where that line goes bad -
Oil pressure low stop engine -
Low oil pressure occasionally,even after oil change -
I have the SS model with the 5.3L and mine just started doing the chime and staying low oil pressure and to stop engine. I have checked the oil multiple times. Upon doing the research online it appears that the 5.3L V8 is included in this issue also. -
I have the same Oil pressure low stop engine warning as every one else here and the chime drives me nuts. -
replaced oil pressure sending unit -
2006 chev impala. oil pressure sensor lesking oil -
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