Oil pressure issue on 1995 Buick Park Avenue

I recently had to replace the plenum because it warped and sucked antifreeze in. Once I got this done,(replaced the plenum and lower intake gaskets) I drove the car for about 50 miles and had no issues. The next morning I was going to change oil and when I started the car, I noticed the oil pressure gauge was reading 0. After some research and talking to people, I pulled the oil pan and found the oil pickup tube clogged with a fiberous material, once oil was squeezed out, it look whitish in color. I cleaned this all out of the screen and reinstalled the tube, a new pan gasket and the pan. I started the car and drove it and had 40 PSI all the while. This morning I started the car and the oil gauge hesitated for a moment but then came up to around 35 PSI or a little higher. I start my way to work and did not go to far when the gauge fluctulated to 0 and then back to 25. I immediatly stopped the car and restarted and had about 25 PSI and it seemed to hold. I started out again and the same thing happened. Car is now parked along road awaiting tow. I was not able to hear the knock but I think I hear the lifters rattle a bit... pretty much the same sound I had in my garage when this first started. I know I did not leave anything in the engine when I replaced the plenum and intake gaskets so I am not sure what the fiber material is or how long it has been in the engine.

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Sometimes inexpensive oil filters will collapse and the filter material will be pushed out into the oil passages, A lot of the drive thru oil changers have a filter washing machine, The machine is supposed to clean the debris from the filter (That can't be good )and they repaint them. I always use Napa Gold filters because an engine is too expensive to trust a cheap filter, Pull the pan clean off the screen and change filter and oil and hopefully you didn't damage the bearings.