Oil Pressure Gauge on 1995 Mercedes-Benz S420

Where should the oil pressure gauge be? I have up to number 3, but for the last couple of days, it's been lower and lower and is now almost at number 1?

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Have a shop check this right away as maybe your oil pump is failing and it could cause major damage to the engine if the pump fails
Thanks I will definately take your advice! I'm wondering though since I put up this question the oil on my 99 Honda Accord has been dissapearing to say the least. I had an oil change done a while back and suddenly I had the oil light went on and it was bone dry. I put 5qt of oil and it did the same thing after say 2 months. It doesn't have an oil leak or looks like it's burning oil. Do you think it would still be the oil pump?
May just be the oil gauge sender, has the oil trouble light come on in the dashboard?
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i dont think you have any problems on my 99 s420 when i start the the gauge goes to 3 and slowly comes dowmn to 0.5 i dont think you have a problem
my s420 oil pressure level is 1 when idling and as i drive it goes up to 3. anything wrong.tq