oil pressure and clanking noise no power in the engine cant accelorate
on 1991 Ford Bronco

in my engine i have a very loud clanking noise about 3-4 weeks ago i started to hear this noise and its progressivly worsened over time and now i have lost all pressire in my engine i think my tick will bairly accelorate because theres now power when i accelorate my oil levels are fine but a few months ago my oil gauge statred to flicker up and down when i would stop at a red light but when i hit the gas it would go normal so i dod pay mind to it but now it just sits 100% below L i need help, can anyone tell me where to start repairing, my truck can bairly drive now to and the clanking sounds like its comming from under the headders it sounds like a bent rod but i think im wrong on that
help please and thanks

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seek an insp from a mech or at least his opinion upon listening to eng run.we cannot help based on the info given.poss needs motor?
hey man i took it to my brother and his buddy there both mechanics they told me run a manual oil pressure check and i also have an oil leak that he said seems to be comming from the intake manafold and idont know if its the right or left side of the intake, ive read some other peoples problems on here and they sound the same like the oilpressure sender switch going bad and then something about the oil pump also going bad but im just trying to find a place to start without having to buy a whole new engine block cause i cant aford that and my truck is basically imobile at the moment it makes a very loud clanking noise like a bent rod and thats what my dad said it may be but my brother and his buddy both said it didnt sound like that it sounded like it was under the head gasket somewhere
do you as a master tech have a recomendation as to a starting place?
try starting with a compression test.if you have a bent rod you will have low compression
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