oil pressure on 1999 Cadillac Catera

my 99 catera i just got.drove it for a couple of hours and then noticed while i was sitting still the oil pressure started teetering in the red zone eventually causing the light to kick on..right away my first thought was to rev on it and the light went off. the car runs and drives perfect other than that it a oil pressure switch? a oil cooler? what is it. i have no fluid mixes, or power loss, what could it be. oh yeah the washer fluid light is on but the level is fine. and the coolant low level light is on and its level is fine. owner said it was just bad caps that have magnets inside that sense fluid levels.coolant temp did not increase while i drove the car learning each problem

Oil pressure sender failure is quite common on Catera models. I would recommend replacing the oil pressure sender and rechecking the gauge.
ok. whats the oil pressure sender?.... the oil pump?.... i have never heard a oil sending unit be called a oil pressure switch or sender? where is it located?
Oil pressure sensor, sender, sending unit, and switch all refer to the same thing. The device that sends a signal to the oil pressure gauge or turns on and off the warning light. The sensor/switch on the Catera engine is located on the underside - most likely near the oil filter housing. Sorry I don't have a better description of the location than that.