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1992 Ford Bronco Question: Oil Pressure

When I start my Bronco oil pressure goes up to low normal, on or between the N&O. I let it warm to driving temps at idle same reading, I head out on the highway 60mph CC set and oil pressure drops just below the N, I return to Idle goes back between the N&O. During all driving, idling and reving the motor sounds smooth no knocks or ticks and is very powerfull while driving. Any ideas? -
Answer 1
Oil pressure sender switches can certainly fail. Your gauge is largely cosmetic; however, the sender does provide general oil pressure information. If it is faulty, it may read inaccurately. They are inexpensive and easy to replace. Beyond that, you do have a nearly 20 year old truck with (unknown to us) mileage, and it's a 302 cubic inch cast iron engine. You certainly will not be registering 60-80 psi of pressure at any point -- it will probably idle at 20-30 at best, but on the highway at speed you would indeed expect it to be slightly higher, with higher engine RPMs. Start with your sender... Good luck. -
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